Beatbot is a technology brand dedicated to the global robotization of swimming pool environment .

We are at the forefront of the industry in core technologies such as brushless water pumps, AUV spatial locomotion , sonar laser SLAM, and pioneering industry-first innovations.

Currently, we hold over 131 patents (granted and under application), including 51 patents for inventions.

Beatbot OS

Decision Thinking

Our robots embody intelligence at their core, driven by the powerful Beatbot OS-the robot's brain.

It is the command center guiding the robot's actions, including:

High-Performance Quad-core 1.8GHz Cortex-A7 CPU


Advanced Memory Chips with 4GB DDR RAM and 4GB flash storage

20 Sensors


Serving as the eyes and ears, the sensors allow the robot to "see" and "understand" its environment, informing the Beatbot OS and enabling adaptive navigation and efficient cleaninng.

Ultrasonic Sensors *2

water Pressure Sensor*1

Hall Sensors*3

Temperature and Humidity Sensors*3

IMU Sensors*2

Electrical Current Sensors*9

9 Motors

Precise Action

Our nine motors ensure dynamic and precise movement of the track wheels and four roller brushes ——the hands and feet of our robot .They execute precise actions based on decisions made by the Beatbot OS. Additionally,they provide powerful suction ,grip,and efficient distribution of cleaning agents.

High-Efficiency Brushless Main Water Pump Motor

Drive-Wheel Motors *2

Floating Chamber Peristaltic Pump Motors *2

Surface Propeller Motors *2

Stepping Motor

Reagent Pump Motor

our robots redefine precision,effiently navigaating and cleaning even the most complex pool environments.

They also boast many patented industry-first features, such as SonicSense™ Ultrasonic AI Pool Mapping & Obstacle Avoidance, CleverNav™ Advanced Path Planning & Navigation System ,MemoryPark™ Smart Return to Starting Point ,NonaDrive™ 9 Motor System, and more.

Deliver Smarter and Hassle-Free Pool Care

After reallizing that for the past 30-40 years, the home robotics industry has been so focused on making our interiors smarter that it has completely neglected our backyards, Beatbot's founders embarked on a journey to revolutionize pool care and make pool cleaning robots match the intelligence of home cleaning robots.

Beatbot was born with one mission in mind: to address industry challenges, enhance performance, and deliver hassle-free pool care experiences.

Beatbot AquaSense Pro Beatbot AquaSense Pro
Beatbot AquaSense Pro



By setting new standards in smart and efficient pool care solutions, our mission is to solve industry challenges, enhance performance, and deliver hassle-free pool care experiences.


Shaping the future of pool care, driven by cutting-edge smart technology.



Pioneering Smart Pool Solution

We innovate with purpose, creating cutting-edge, efficient,and intuitive pool care tailored to your needs. We engage with users to understand pool challenges, and develop tech-driven solutions using advanced computer chip technology. Grounded in extensive global research,including on-site studies and surveys with over 100,000 users worldwide, our innovations redefine smart pool care for a smarter, easier, and more enjoyable experience.


Elite Partnerships Unmatched Quality

Beatbot partners with world-class, publicly listed supply chain leaders, including our cutting-edge, high-value
assembly line. Over 100 million intelligent products attest to our partners' expertise. Rigorous testing, 11+
industry-leading certifications, 6 test reports, and substantial investments in quality control guarantee unmatched
reliability, making Beatbot the trusted choice for pool care.


Smart Precision World-First Innovations

Our robots embody intelligence at their core, driven by the powerful Beatbot OS featuring smart chips and 20 smart sensors. We lead the industry with world-first innovations in pool care. From scanning your pool's shape to adaptive learning, our robots redefine smart precision, efficiently navigating & cleaning even the most complex environments.


Setting Coverage & Excellence Standards

Our elite R&D team,with a background in top-tier robotics,pioneers advanced Hardware and Software solutions to address your pain points and enhance product efficiency.Groundbreaking innovations like 5-in-1 cleaning including surface skimming & water clarification, Al path optimization,9-motor system and more set a new standard in cleaning coverage and performance.


Smart, Hassle-Free Pool Care

Our user-centric,all-in-one smart solutions provide cordless freedom, seamless App integration,and advanced features making pool care as easy as a tap.With comprehensive coverage of your entire pool, let our robot do the work and enjoy total peace of mind.


Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Pool Care

Our products are engineered to enhance energy efficiency,and our packaging exclusively employs recycled materials and holds the industry-first TPCH certification for
environmental compliance. We aim to ensure that your pool remains a refreshing and responsible oasis.