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We have more than 10 years of experience in the robotics and Al industry and served billions of peopleworldwide. Among them, Siler Wang, the CEO, began his journey with window-cleaning robots, mastering the art of making machines climbwalls-an expertise he now applies to the Beatbot pool robots. Healso collaborated on solar robots with major companies, blendingcutting-edge tech with practical solutions.

At present, manufacturers of swimming pool cleaning tracks mainly focus on the ease of use and cleanliness of swimming pool robots, and their intelligence and movement capabilities are relatively weak. Therefore, Beatbot focuses on two core technologies: first, high-precision sensors + intelligent navigation planning capabilities to improve the equipment's obstacle avoidance ability and cleaning efficiency; second, more efficient motor and impeller fluid and flow channel optimization, bringing more powerful cleaning Capacity and endurance

Pre-sale ends on March 19th (CET), and pre-sale products will be shipped starting on March 20th.

It is suitable for swimming pools of various shapes and made of vinyl, fiberalass, ceramic or other materials.

Yes, both AquaSense and AquaSense Pro can work in saltwater. The max density is 5000 PPM.

AquaSense can clean the pool bottom, wall and water line. AquaSense Pro can clean the pool bottom, wall, water line, and surface, AquaSense Pro also have the function of water clarification.Customers can choose depending on the actual needs. If there are a lot of leaves and debris on the water surface, we recommend buying AquaSense Pro.Click here to learn more about product information as well as the parameter comparison at the bottom.

We suggest to take out the machine everytime after using and clean the filter basket. Please rinse it with clear water to remove chemical residue.

Yes, you can. Beatbot robot will automatically find the nearest pool wall, plan a path intelligently and start working.

No need, just simply put the machine into the swimming pool. The floating chamber will automatically suck in water and let the machine sink to the bottom of the pool.

No need to dry the robot, as long as there is no excess salt in the pool water and the pH is neutral, if not please ranise the robot first.

Yes, the robot can work without WI-Fi. The modes on the robot can cover the cleaning of all areas, please check and select the corresponding mode before starting.

When the battery power is less than 15%, it will automatically return to the shore. Please wait until the battery is fully charged then start working.

If only cleans the bottom of the pool, the robot can clean up to 300㎡ area after fully charged.

AquaSense is equiped with 6700mAh battery and needs 2.5-3hrs charging.AquaSense Pro is equiped with 10400mAh battery and needs 3-3.5hrs charging

6-35°C / 43-95°F

After finish using the robot, please fully rinse and air-dry it. Fully charge the robot then store the robot in a dry shady place, please keep it away from direct sunlight, over heat or cold to prevent accelerated wear. If you are not going to use the robot for a long time, be sure to charge it at least one time a year to avoid over-discharging.

When the battery power is less than 15%, it will automatically return to the shore. Please wait until the battery is fully charged then start working.

If returns or exchanges occur due to product quality issues, all costs will be covered by beatbot.

You can check whether the robot has been sent out and if there is already logistics information. If the logistics status is not updated for a long time during after shipped, you can contact us directly, we will assist you to solve the problem.

Please contact customer service, or your authorized dealer immediately and we will ship the missing parts to you.

Orders will be shipped from local warehouses. After receiving the order, usually it can be delivered within 3-7 days.

We accept returns of products. Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 calendar days after delivery of the product, and provide a two-year warranty.