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Beatbot AquaSense Pro

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Beatbot AquaSense

The Smarter Choice in Cordless Pool Cleaning

Beatbot pool cleaning robot leading the way to smarter and more sustainable pool care Beatbot pool cleaning robot leading the way to smarter and more sustainable pool care

Join Beatbot as we pave the way to a more innovative and eco-friendly future with our advanced, tech-driven products.

Industry-leading Sustainability

Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Pool Care

IMR Coating

Designed for optimal energy use with eco-friendly IMR coating and energy-saving hydrodynamic design.

Eco-Friendly Clarifiers

Utilizes natural clarifiers to reduce chemical usage and extend water lifespan.

Eco Certifications

CPF-certified robots and recycled, TPCH-certified packaging.

Donation Program

A portion of every order supports environmental protection and social initiatives through "The Beatbot Donation Program."

Industry-leading Innovation
Setting New Standards in Pool Care Intelligence and Performance
We set the bar with cutting-edge technology, delivering unmatched coverage and performance. We've launched the world's first intelligent 5-in-1 pool cleaning robot with groundbreaking features:

Industry-leading Brand

Your Trusted Choice for Excellence and Peace of Mind

Thousands of customers have already chosen us and upgraded to smarter, more efficient, and sustainable pool care. In Q1 2024, Beatbot became the top-selling and most trusted brand for high-end robotic pool cleaners.

How Beatbot Leads the Trend and Beats the Heat!

“Beatbot AquaSense Pro stands out as the world's first 5-in-1 pool cleaning solution, designed to thoroughly clean every aspect of your pool, from the floor and walls to the waterline on the surface.”

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots clnet Media Reviews

“Upon entering a pool, the robot will travel along the pool floor edge, using advanced sensors to create an efficient path for cleaning. This ensures that all areas get complete coverage. ”

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots The Verge Media Reviews

“Once the cleaning is complete, the robot will return to the surface for easy retrieval. For peace of mind, the product comes with a two-year warranty and will receive periodic over-the-air updates to improve its performance”

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Trailblazing Customers Testimonials


"...Yeah, you might splurge a bit, but you're investing in top-notch cleaning tech that's leagues ahead of the competition."


"...This seems to be one of those products that actually performs as advertised. Job well done!"


"...Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient pool cleaner that delivers exceptional results, I highly recommend giving this a try."


"...All in all it's been a good buy and a real time saver. Our pools looks great and gets swept a lot more frequently."