Model Beatbot AquaSense Pro

Beatbot AquaSense

Purchase Price $999  $xxxx
General Information
Robot Type Cordless
Cleaning Coverage Areas Water Surface, floor, walls, waterline Floor, walls, waterline
In-Box Content Robotic pool cleaner, charging dock, hook, quick start guide, user manual Robotic pool cleaner, Plug charger, hook, quick start guide, user manual
Pools Compatibility
Pool Type Above ground & in-ground pools
Pool Shape All shapes, such as rectangular, round, kidney, and freeform
Recommended Pool Size (Pool Bottom Area) 300 square meters (3229 square feet) 110 square meters (1184 square feet)
Pool Materials All materials including concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and fiberglass
Advanced Technology, OS, and Connectivity
Hardware Components Quad-core Cortex-A7 industrial-grade SOC, DDR RAM, flash storage, and 20 smart sensors (including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic AI sensors)
Operating System Beatbot OS
Connectivity Wifi connection
Smart Navigation
Intelligent Navigation SonicSense™ Ultrasonic AI Pool Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance
CleverNav™ Smart Navigation System for optimized path planning
Cleaning Patterns Pool floor and surface: S-shaped pattern
Pool walls and waterline: N-shaped pattern
Pool floor: S-shaped pattern
Pool walls and waterline: N-shaped pattern
Intelligent Automation
Cleaning Modes 5 Modes:
Quick mode: floor (1 time)
Standard mode: floor, walls and waterline (1 time)
Pro mode: floor, walls, waterline and surface (1 time)
ECO mode: cleans the floor every other day (1 time)
Custom mode (OTA)
3 Modes:
Quick mode: floor (1 time)
Standard mode: floor, walls and waterline (1 time)
Custom mode (OTA)
Automatic Return function MemoryPark™ smart return to the starting point
Automatic Parking Yes. On the Water Surface Yes. On the Wall (at the Waterline)
Automatic Water Release SmartDrain™ advanced submarine-inspired automatic water release
Smart Application
APP Beatbot App
App Features PoolMap™ App pool map and PathTrack™ App cleaning path visualization, Cleaning modes selection, Cleaning records, Notifications, Water quality recommendations
Cleaning Power
Water Clarification Yes. ClearWater™ Clarifying Technology No
Motors NonaDrive™ 9-Motor System 3 Motors
Brushes DuoSpeedFlex™ Dual-Group Roller Brush System with differential speed
(Front and rear: 2 x 2 sets)
Number of Suction Ports 2 ports (Front and Bottom) 1 port (Bottom)
Suction (GPM) 5500 GPM 5300 GPM
Filters Material Polyester
Filters Access Top access
Filters Number 2 (one larger & one thinner) 1
Filters Density 150 μm 180 μm
Filter Baskets Capacity 3.7L 2L
Battery & Charging
Runtime Up to 5 hours (floor cleaning)
Up to 9.5 hours (surface cleaning)
Up to 100-130 minutes (floor cleaning)
Battery Capacity & Type 10,000 mAh Lithium Ion 5,000 mAh Lithium Ion
Charging Time 3-3.3 hours 100-130 minutes
Easy to Charge (Charging Method) Dock Charging Station Plug Charging (Dock Charging Station optional)
Control Buttons 1 power switch key + 4 mode keys 1 power switch key + 2 mode keys
Overall Robot Weight 11.35 kg 8.7 kg
Robot Dimensions 451 (L) mm x 403 (W) mm x 263 (H) mm
1.48 (L) ft x 1.32 (W) ft x 0.86 (H) ft
451 (L) mm x 403 (W) mm x 233 (H) mm
1.48 (L) ft x 1.32 (W) ft x 0.76 (H) ft
Waterproof Protection IP68 (robot), IPX4 (charging dock)
Water depth range 0.5 m to 3 m (1.64 ft to 9.84 ft)
Warranty Period 2 years
OTA performance updates Yes