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How will BeatBot differentiate itself?

Beatbot distinguishes itself with its dedication to innovation, advanced technology and smart features, and user-friendly design. We are focusing on providing more efficient, performant, and convenient solutions. Unlike other products on the market, our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies and tackle common issues like limited smart features, limited cleaning coverage, performance and efficiency, setting them apart from the competition. We have pioneering technologies, hold numerous patents and we've introduced many industry-first innovations. Our flagship, the AquaSense Pro, is the world's first all-in-one robotic pool cleaner.

What differentiates AquaSense Pro from competitors?

AquaSense Pro incorporates many industry-first features. It is unprecedently smart with smart chips and 20 sensors, and unprecedently powerful with 9 motors. It's the industry's first cleaning robot that can clean the floor, walls, waterline, surface and clarify the water in a single product. No other brand can perform all these functions. With this combination of 5-in-1 capability and multi-sensor pool mapping and navigation technology, Beatbot can ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage, up to 100%. We are very confident that the customer will enjoy the freedom of cordless operation and will be amazed by our revolutionary technology.

What advantages do robotic pool cleaners offer compared to traditional cleaning methods?

Robotic pool cleaners like the AquaSense Pro and AquaSense provide more efficient and thorough cleaning, require minimal maintenance, conserve energy, and offer a hassle-free pool cleaning experience. They are a smart and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pool cleaning methods.

Are all your products Cordless?

Both the AquaSense Pro and AquaSense are Completely cordless, so they are free from tangled cords and do not require plugging and unplugging operations before and after each cleaning. The charging is also cordless and convenient. You can simply place the robot on its contact charging dock, and leave it there for charging and convenient storage.

What kind of swimming pool is suitable to use beatbot cleaning robot?

It is suitable for swimming pools of various shapes and made of vinyl, fiberalass, ceramic or other materials.

Is Beatbot certified and is it safe to use?

Beatbot equipment has been tested and certified Class B under the FCC rules. We also hold 11+ industry-leading certifications and completed 6 test reports. Besides, our packaging materials got the TPCH certification for environmental compliance.It can be used by children aged 8 years and above under the supervision of a parent. However, it is recomended to avoid entering the pool while the robot is working in water, and try to keep a distance of at least 8 inches.

What about the APP and the functions it offers?

The AquaSense series is integrated with our intuitive Beatbot App, which provides enhanced pool cleaning experience.The Beatbot Smart App introduces industry-first features, such as pool map visualization, allowing you to view the map of your unique pool shape, and cleaning paths visualization. Users can also select from various cleaning modes (5 for the AquaSense Pro, 3 for AquaSense), view cleaning history, and even receive water quality recommendations through an OTA upgrade, which is an other industry-first feature.

What is the warranty policy and after-sales process?

We offer a 2-year warranty for end-customers. You can email us at for after-sales service, or call our service hotline which you can find on Beatbot will try to analyze and solve your problem through emails or online video chat. If the problem occurs within the warranty period, Beatbot will repair the product and provide the after-sales service for free.

What is the difference between AquaSense Pro and AquaSense?

The AquaSense Pro, our flagship product, offers a more comprehensive pool care solution. It can clean the pool's surface and clarify the water. In contrast, the standard version, the AquaSense, is designed for those seeking a smart and cost-effective pool cleaning solution that covers the floor, walls, and waterline but does not include surface cleaning and water clarification.The AquaSense also features a smaller battery and is equipped with only one filter instead of two, and three motors instead of nine. It offers three cleaning modes, whereas the AquaSense Pro has five. On the plus side, the standard version is lighter than the Pro model.


Shaping the future of pool care

As a technology brand specialized in global pool robotics, Beatbot is dedicated to providing pool users with high-performance products. We are looking forward to team up with perfessional partners to make pool maintenance smarter and easier.